About Us​

We empower people through Bitcoin

Tech professionals

We’ve spent 2 decades selling, implementing and helping organizations succeed using technology. Our prior clients include Fortune 500 companies and unicorn start-ups. We leverage this experience to empower you and your business through Bitcoin.

Business owners

We put our money where our mouth is and opened multiple Bitcoin preferred businesses. Did you know, within 3 months of opening, 20% of our juice shop’s revenue is received in bitcoin. We’re proof that businesses should adopt Bitcoin.


As life long learners we believe anyone and everyone can be a student. We strive to make our Bitcoin accessible to all through our visual content. Our digital content will always be free because education shouldn’t have a price!

1 BTC = 1 BTC

We avoid discussing exchange rates (ie. price) of Bitcoin. We focus on it being superior monetary technology.

BTC = Savings

Bitcoin is the best saving technology we have but its value if extremely diluted when seen as an investment.

Our Team

Santosh V

Sales, consulting, customer success – Santosh has helped organizations throughout the entire customer journey. He’s now focused on channeling this experience to help businesses adopt Bitcoin.

Anuja C

A sales career spanning nearly a decade at Microsoft, Anuja enabled Fortune 500 companies leverage MS Azure and other suite of products. Her current focus lies in empowering women led businesses through Bitcoin.

Let us help you address the misconceptions!