Why do few understand Bitcoin while others struggle?

Misinformation is everywhere making it difficult for you to start. We make this process easy for you!

Here are the challenges we help businesses and individuals overcome with Bitcoin:

– High banking fees
– Loss of purchasing power
– No savings plan

– Limited customer reach
– Fraud and chargebanks
– Minimal innovation

Key Outcomes

Learn the basics

Accepting card payments can cost as much as 4% and sending money overseas can be a challenge without third parties.

Earn and Save

Inflation is everywhere! Housing, food, gas, and much more. How can we businesses survive 100% inflation?

Secure and Spend

With money being worth less and less each year, everyone is focused on investing and not saving their hard earned money.

Why Us?

We are two engineers with combined 20 years experience of selling, implementing and helping organizations succeed using technology. We now make Bitcoin accessible for all through our visual content. We’ve taken this passion one step further and opened multiple Bitcoin preferred businesses to serve as a model for other business owners!


Self Learner


If you prefer to learn by yourself, all our digital content is available for free! Reach out if you have any questions, our first call (30 mins) is complimentary.

Get Started


We set you on the path of transitioning to a Bitcoin standard. This means, you’ll be able to accept bitcoin payments, save and secure it. You’ll receive 4 hours of our time.

Be your own bank


Go all the way and take control of your wealth without the need for a third party. We’ll guide you through setting up your own node! You’ll receive 8 hours of our time.

Ignore the misinformation.

Let us set the record straight!