Our Services

Empowering self learners

All our digital content (videos, visual notes, guides) is available for free. You’re welcome to use these to kick off your Bitcoin journey.

Improving Bitcoin literacy

With so much misinformation out there it can be easy to get confused and misled. We’re here to make it easy on you through our visual content.

Enabling businesses to adopt a bitcoin standard

Perfect for businesses who want an extra hand to guide them through the steps, address misconceptions and receive a bespoke experience. You can expect to gain a solid understanding of Bitcoin, begin accepting it as a form of payment, raising awareness within your customer base and even starting to pay your employees in bitcoin. We’re living proof this works, our juice shop is a thriving bitcoin preferred business where 25% of our revenue is received through bitcoin payments!

Taking self custody

Take control of your wealth by protecting your bitcoin using a hardware wallet. If you don’t want to purchase a hardware wallet that is okay! You can use your cell phone or laptop to do take self custody.

Becoming your own bank

If you’d like to go all the way and run your own Bitcoin node, we can make this happen. Why run a node? It helps increase your privacy as it’s your personal copy of the bitcoin blockchain.

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