proof of work

You’ll find a varied body of work ranging from visual books, helping businesses adopt Bitcoin and even a personal ‘100 Day Bitcoin Challenge’

Our Free Visual Notes

Handwritten notes to simplify Bitcoin and make it more approachable for everyone. Perfect for visual learners who prefer to learn through pictures and illustrations.

Our Visual Books

A compilation of our visual notes in a physical form. Two books are available ‘Bitcoin for Beginners’ and ‘Bitcoin for Businesses.’

'100 Day Bitcoin challenge'

A personal challenge in which Santosh attempted to be the catalyst for a Bitcoin interaction every day for a 100 days. An interaction was defined as an event when Bitcoin moved addresses.

onboarding businesses

Businesses need to adopt Bitcoin as a form of payment in order to create network effects and increase the rate of adoption. For this reason, we place emphasis in helping businesses understand the importance of accepting Bitcoin and helping them on this journey.

Bitcoin whiteboard in public

No better way to learn than hitting the streets and holding a Bitcoin whiteboard to see how people react. We’ve spent 20+ hours in public and less than 1% stop to have a conversation!

Bitcoin treasure for newborn

In our culture we traditionally give gold to a newborn. We gave our nieces and nephews Bitcoin instead and instructed the parents to only hand it over when they turn 18. Hoping to win the best uncle and aunt aware one day 😉

Bitcoin boot camp for a loved one

What’s the point in holding all the Bitcoin related information in your head. At some point you’re going to need to share this information with your wife, partner, parent or loved one. How can they quickly get started? Here is a boot camp to get their hands dirty with Bitcoin.


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